Our projects
Corner Joint Test development resulted in a successful test approach with a non standard ASTM fixture capable of 60K loading.

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Electromechanical packaging involving: proximity, fiber optic sensors and digital video recognition systems to assure product quality control.
Symbol Technologies

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This unit is capable of 13mph and a distance of five miles on average grade using only 20oz of gas. Multiple gear ratios and a drive engagement on demand.

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Kevlar Composite Shell for GPS antenna visibility as well as damage tolerance. Two-part silicone internal cast for GPS tracking unit retention

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Latest projects

Structural Development

Our most recent and most exiting projects involve the support of structural development testing for a new space company.

T-Pull Testing Development

Corner Tape Test Development

Multi Body Contact FEA

Titanium Splice Joint on Structural Composite

Custumer quotes

Motion Control Industries

Some of the most knowledgeable and professional talent I have dealt with. Think Engineering's capabilities to accommodate and understand the big picture as well as break it down at the detail level has been incredibly helpful to our organization.
True experts in their field.

Experience shows when dealing with challenging problems that have no quick fix and Think Engineering's ability to apply out of the box thinking to solve them is invaluable.

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